Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Did she protest the attacks on Obama at Phildelphia Debate?

I am amazaed and saddened at how Hillary and the women in general are complaining about the negative slant on her in the press. In fact, in the April 16, 2008, Philadelphia debate, she also piled on Obama after Charles Gibson and George Stephanopolous had finished.
Afterwards, she called him a Cry Baby.
Then her husband, former President Clinton, challenged him, "This is politics; it is a contact sport. If you don't want to get hurt, get out." (Paraphrased) Therefore, I thought it should not be a factor where there are slights and charges. I figure that is part of the game, like the "bullets overhead."
I have not read everything available about Sen. Clinton, but I have not found anything disrespectful in the public media such as the big newspapers, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal assailing her. (Jay Leno is another story - he always gripes about pants suits.) I did not like the sign, "Iron my shirt?" That was wrong-headed, unfair, not at all nice. I do not consider Ann Coulter and Robert Novack fair game as The Media; I read them sometimes and they do not play by the rules times; we all should ignore them.
After Sen. Obama put down the Wright inflamation, he's had little aimed at him other than his electibility. I only think that is fair game if that is really a problem and not inserted for her advantage.
Hillary has done a fine job in pursuing her goal as the nomination for President of the United States. She had several challengers and now it is down to the end of the road almost. Message and money have made the difference and she should be proud of her endeavors.